Illiana Ranger Cowboy
Mounted Shooting Club

Do scenes like this make your heart pound and your fingers twitch?

Do you like to 'ride hell bent for leather'?

Do you envy Tom Selleck or Kevin Costner; not because of fame and fortune, but because they get to wear all those neat outfits, ride horses and shoot guns?

Do you list gun powder, horses and leather as some of you favorite smells?

Do you sometimes wish you were 10 years old so you could dress up like a cowboy packin' iron just to go ride your horse (without having people thinkin' you might be a wee bit touched in the head)?

If you answered YES to these questions;
 you are the kind of person we are looking for!
Come join us for the time of your life!

We are:
Illiana Rangers

A regional club serving Illinois and Indiana.


We are an affiliated member of:
Cowboy Mounted Shooting association, Inc.

A national organization created
to develop rules and guidelines.


It's called:
Cowboy Mounted Shooting

The fastest growing equine sport in the country!

Mounted Shooting is like barrel racing with balloons in between the barrels.  The rider shoots black powder blank cartridges from .45 caliber pistols, at balloons, and is scored on accuracy and time. For this sport you need a desire to have fun and add some excitement to your life, a pair of .45 caliber single action revolvers, a good horse (that's a GOOD horse; not to be confused with expensive or registered) and you HAVE to dress in authentic, pre 1900's attire! You'll get a chance to ride hard and shoot straight. It's a sport the whole family can enjoy and it's all about having a great time! You'll find the competitors real friendly and eager to help each other. So pour yourself another cup of Arbuckles, put your trigger finger on your mouse button and ride the trails here to found out what all the excitement is about.