Home Security Camera System Tips: Ways To Deter And Outsmart Porch Pirates

In recent years, package theft has become an annoying problem in Australia and other countries. It’s a nagging issue, especially now that people are switching to online purchases for groceries, furniture, and expensive gadgets due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Recent research shows that 1 of 4 (25%) Aussies have had their parcels stolen from their front porches, with the latest case being a woman stealing a package in front of a house in Melbourne.

Good thing there are ways of making these so-called “porch pirates” to make them walk the plank. And we’ll know more about this topic as you continue reading this post about home security camera system tips: ways to deter and outsmart porch pirates.

Fortify Your Front Door Security By Installing Additional Security Cameras And Features In Visible Places

As we all know, packages are always being delivered at your front door. So this where the area of your house where porch pirates attack since their only motive is to steal whatever is on your front door or front porch and leave immediately. In that case, it’s recommended to fortify the home security camera system features of this area.

To start off, you can install outdoor security cameras that are weather-proof and easy to be seen. These devices are required to ensure maximum theft deterrence. Just make sure they are placed in highly visible areas and are pointed clearly at the drop-off area of your front porch.

Aside from that, you can also set up motion-sensor cameras within the vicinity of your front door. These cameras will start recording a few seconds after someone comes near. And if there is something that catches the burglar’s eye, they will be alerted by the camera so they will either think twice before stealing or leave.

Likewise, you can also make use of low-profile gadgets such as video doorbells because they provide multifunctional features and a perfect vantage point to catch the thief’s identity which can’t be captured by an overhead camera.

For more information on how to fortify your front porch, please contact Rapid Alarms today and get more details on how you can deter porch pirates from attacking your property with their help. Click on this link if you’re looking for a home security camera system in Perth.

Considering Additional Preventive Measures Will Go A Long Way

Aside from reinforcing your home security camera system features at your front door area, you can also apply these simple tips to prevent your home from being a victim of package theft:

1. Putting signs advertising your CCTV system – If upgrading your current home security system is still out of your budget, all you need to do is place a sign informing others that your house is protected by CCTV. The fact of the matter is, most porch pirates are just petty thieves. And they’re just only looking for ways to make money or satisfy their adrenaline rush. So putting up a sign like this will be enough to scare them away.

2. Have your parcels delivered elsewhere – You may want to consider your parcels delivered to a P.O. box, office, Amazon delivery site, etc. Although, it may cause minor inconvenience to you but it’s still worth it compared to having your stuff stolen by amateur thieves.

3. Other ways to stop porch piracy or package theft – And finally, you can also do these things to foil porch pirates from stealing your parcel:

– Have parcel deliveries require your signature.

– Turn on delivery alerts

– Make your front door/front porch visible from the street view.

– Request nondescript packaging

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