Is My Patient a Good Candidate For Rhinoplasty?

The first question that a potential plastic surgeon must ask is whether the patient meets the criteria for an appropriate candidate for rhinoplasty. This may include taking part in surgical procedures for treatment of certain facial abnormalities, such as facial dysmorphia. The surgeon may also have to consider the patient’s history and current medical conditions, if any. In addition, the patient will need to have a positive assessment of his or her physical appearance, which will be accomplished through a self-assessment procedure, such as a self-portrait.

Once the surgeon has determined that the patient meets the criteria for a good candidate for rhinoplasty, then the next step will be to perform a comprehensive surgical evaluation of the patient’s condition and determine the most appropriate surgical procedure for the patient. This process will include obtaining measurements of the patient’s neck, upper, and lower face, jaw line and face, along with photographs and possibly an x-ray.

After performing all of the necessary evaluations, the doctor will then assess whether or not the patient can be considered a good candidate for rhinoplasty. A thorough assessment of the patient’s lifestyle habits and overall health will help the doctor determine if the patient is a good candidate for surgery.

During a consultation session with a prospective plastic surgeon, the doctor will evaluate the patient and make recommendations concerning the treatment and follow-up care that will be best for the patient. During this time, the doctor will ask about the patient’s goals and expectations from the operation. The doctor will also ask about the patient’s expectations regarding the outcome of the operation and postoperative care.

The final step in determining if a patient is a good candidate for rhinoplasty is to perform a complete medical history, including any family history of complications that may occur during or after the operation. The doctor will then review the patient’s case history with the results of the previous surgery. Any additional information that will help the surgeon decide whether or not the patient is a good candidate for rhinoplasty can be discussed between the doctor and patient.

The final step in the process will involve the surgeon in determining the patient’s eligibility to undergo rhinoplasty. He will assess the patient’s past medical history and determine whether the patient meets the necessary criteria to participate in a rhinoplasty procedure.

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