Mastering Greed

By John Sage Melbourne

Greed is driven by the need for a fast result driven by over confidence.

Greed can develop loss via over money or via utilize that need to be funded in a specific period and that the time framework of the markets sadly does not accompany the imperatives of your funding.

In other words,if via greed you over-reach or depend on the market not simply achieving specific outcomes,yet achieving these outcomes within the time framework required by your own funding necessities,you are risking nearly specific calamity.

An additional way that individuals are attracted by greed is called pyramiding.This is the technique of building additional funding to undertake further financial investment upon the economic gains currently attained yet which themselves undergo finance. This is all quite possibly till there is a market opposite,in which instance the entire pack of cards comes rolling down.

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This is a particularly unsafe situation for those that have a high level of confidence in themselves based upon current economic successes. They are not likely to appropriately read the indications of a down turn in the market as they are still flush with their previous successes. Over confidence moves up in direct proportion to boosts in market value.

Success consequently,if not appropriately solidified,is likely to reproduce the seeds of its own calamity.

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