Medical Considerations in Indiana’s Work Comp System

There are a few slight caveats built into the medical regulations of the Indiana work comp system that are different from what you might find in other health care options. Whereas most people can select their doctor in a health care plan,subject to their doctor being a participating physician,there is no such provision for injured workers in the Indiana work comp system. For more info: workers comp benefits

Instead,it is the employer who designates who the primary care physician will be in the event of an accident. Even if someone has their own family doctor,they will not be going to see that doctor unless their employer consents to them making the change. While many employers may have no philosophical objection to doing this,agreement may run afoul of the need to have a doctor who is part of their work comp policy’s physician network.

In addition,second opinions are not allowed while an employee is undergoing treatment for a covered event. They may be obtained after release from treatment but not before then. In this regard,employees are somewhat at the mercy of their employer and his chosen physician. The reason for this policy is to contain the ever-growing costs of work comp medical treatment by cutting down on excess medical care. Unfortunately,this may lead to some employees not getting the right diagnosis but their recourse for this lies in the court system and not in the work comp regulations.

There is also a built-in delay when it comes to collecting disability benefits for those who are out of work,according to work injury lawyer . No benefits until being out of work for 7 days has elapsed. If one is out of work for more than 21 days,however,then the benefits are retroactively applied to cover that first 7 days of missed employment.

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