Tips on How to Share Your Bathroom

I’m sure you’ve been in that situation,stuck sharing a too-small bathroom. How exactly is one supposed to actually do stuff in the morning when you’re rustling for room with an additional individual or two! Don’t leave your bathroom buddy just yet however,we are specialists on bathroom sharing methods and we are eager and ready to give you the best advice!

Bathroom Schedule

Even though it could be uncommon,working with your roommate to build a bathroom schedule is one of the best ways to prevent frustration about sharing a tiny space. Unless you both have really similar life schedules,sleeping schedules,or even bodily function routines,this should function for you guys. You might have to make some tough choices,but that’s what the best relationships are all about!

Begin with figuring out who must leave the home before the other,that person should bathe first. If one person would rather snooze a little longer,that is even more ideal. Set up a routine in which one person hops in the shower before the other. This can begin your a.m. routine off on a positive note and you will be able to take care of your morning tasks one by one. Here’s an excellent article with an easy guide to cohabitating in your bathroom.

Upgrade Choices

When you have the money,leveling up your bathroom to better accommodate two individuals is the easiest method to resolve the issue of sharing a bathroom. Your best bet: upgrading to a dual-sink vanity! Like everybody says,mo’ sinks,fewer issues. Putting a double-sink vanity inside your bathroom will reduce the quantity of elbow rubbing and provide you with more space to complete your thing. Here are a couple of trends and tips from Mix-and-Chic for your bathroom space.

Clean Up

This is a simple tip,do yourself and your partner a big favor and clean up your messes! In the event you can cut down on your clutter and keep from leaving pools of water and gnarly hair all over the place,everyone will probably be happier. As Benjamin Franklin famously said,”happy partner,blessed life.”

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